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Chair Fitness Workouts: The Mission

Inspiring The World To Sit.Exercise.Get Fit!
Mission and Values

My mission is I was born to inspire the world to fitness in spirit, soul and body, especially for those with limited mobility.  Drawing out the value in YOU!

Committed To You!

I stand committed in my spirit and soul to motivate and inspire you to fitness and health.  You are more than a body and to only get you to exercise your body would be a mission not fulfilled.

Free Online Workouts

FREE online videos on demand 24/7.  The cost: FREE!  No membership required.  There are a variety of workouts and lengths.  There is cardio, dance, strength, abs, stretch and special themes!  Variety is the spice of life.

Beginner Level


We all had to start somewhere!  We had to crawl before we could walk, then run.  If you are new to Chair Fitness this is the level for you.  The workouts are easy, fun and safe to go.

Intermediate Level


This level is for those who are ready to move beyond the beginner level.  The sense they need a challenge for a higher intensity. 

Advance Level


The advance level is for those who were already fit but due to an injury had to sit but still need a higher workout.  This can be also for those who have master the intermediate level and want some thing more.  faster pace.  But you can do it if you give yourself time.

Dance Chair Fitness

Chair Dance Fitness

Do you love to dance?  Yes dance your way to fitness seated in the chair.  Latin, House, Hip Hop Funk and Old School dance.  Let's go burn fat, calories while we party in the chair!

Strength / Abs

Strength / Abs

The workouts here are designed to strengthen the body with hand weights or resistance bands. Also to built lean muscle which helps burn fat and manage your weight. 

Wheel Chair Workouts

Wheel Chair Workouts

The workouts here are for those who are in a wheel chair.  Who said you can't have fun and burn fat and calories while in a wheel chair?  Come join the fun!

6 Day Chair Workout Rotation!

This is a 6 Day Rotation Chair workout that gives you a full body workout with cardio, strength and dance chair exercises. 

Sunday is a rest day. So that you can come back on Monday and work even harder.  Give it a try!













What People Say About Chair Fitness Workouts

I thank God for Paul Eugene's Chair Fitness workouts.  They have been what I have been looking for.  I cannot stand up on my feet and just as Paul Eugene says, when you can't stand up, then Sit.Exercise.Get Fit!

Mary New Hampshire

We are so glad to have found Paul Eugene Chair Fitness videos on You Tube.  They provide what was missing in the fitness part of our lives.  God Bless you Paul.

James & Reada New Orleans

I am always open to trying new ways of working out and Paul Eugene Chair workouts were it.  He teaches with such passion and energy mindful that you get the moves.

Aya Rome, Italy

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