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Chair Dance Oldies

When You Can’t Stand Up And Dance You Can Sit and Dance! Sometimes life just won;t have you to stand up and dance but it tells you to take a seat and get your groove on.  That’s what Chair Dance Oldies is all about!  Take a few minutes and dance in a chair to some […]

Boogie In Chair

Do you have the boogie fever but can’t stand up and dance? Well leave it up to Paul Eugene you can boogie in the chair while you sit!  Think back to the late 70’s when disco was king.  Remember the song “Boogie Fever”?  How did you respond to that song when you heard it?  What […]


2017 = GROWTH

2017 is here and people usually make plans for new goals and directions.  The first word I heard in my mind was GROWTH.  That means expanding into new territory.  Change saying goodbye to some things, including people.  What areas in your life do you sense a need for GROWTH?  I am not talking about the […]

Gospel Chair Comedy

There are some folks who try their best to make a good thing a joke however, not with Paul Eugene and his Gospel Chair workout.  VH1 tried it’s best to make it appear as one of the top 40 fails.  But it did not in eyes of Paul Eugene or the followers of chair fitness […]